Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I found a lost item, how can I inform the owner?
At RegProtect you can search for registered items. If there is a RegProtect code on the item, carrying out a search for this code is the easiest way to identify the entry at RegProtect. Click on the entry details to access a contact form. Please submit your e-mail address and telephone number to enable the owner of the item to contact you.
Is the registration of valuables free of charge?
For private use the registration of items is 100% free of charge. To register items you must sign on to RegProtect first, which is free of charge, too.
If you want to use RegProtect as a company, please contact us for an individual agreement.
How many items can I register?
For private use you may register as many items as you like, free of charge. For companies, please contact us for an individual agreement.
My item doesn't fit into the given categories. What should I do?
In this cases, please choose "others". We recommend using the remarks to specify your item. We regularly analyse all items within "others" to update our category list. Updates are communicated via e-mail to all relevant users.
What is a serial number?
The serial number is a unique identification for items, usually found ontechnical items. The serial number is allocated by the manufacturer. The place where the number is shown varies by item and manufacturer. Not every device / item has a unique serial number.
My item doesn't have a visible serial number. Should I still register it ?
To hinder a potential resale of your property it makes perfectly sense. And there are finders who can detect even serial numbers that are not visible at the surface of your item. But to make things easier you should think about the Valuable Item Retrievals Service.
What is a RegProtect-Number?
RegProtect-Numbers are used by the Retrieval Services (Valuable Items, Key and Luggage Retrieval Service). With a RP-Number you can even identify items without a (visible) serial number to find and contact the owner.
Is there a guarantee that my lost property cannot be resold by it's finder without my permission ?
No, there is no guarantee but you do offer the finder a means to contact you. Plus, a fair-minded buyer can check the RegProtect database too, therefore hindering the unauthorized resale of your lost item.
I want to buy a device second hand. How can I check it is not stolen?
Ask the seller to submit the serial number of the device. With this number you can check at RegProtect if the owner marked this item is for sale.
I want to sell my registered item second hand over the Internet. How do I change it's status at RegProtect?
That's easy! Just log in at RegProtect to change the status of your registrations. Please choose "green / free" to indicate that the item is on sale. In addition we recommend that you submit details of the sale in the comments, such as  where you are selling the item, your user name on the sales platform etc.
I sold my registered item. Can I transfer the registration to the new owner?
Yes, you will find this feature in the details of your registration. If you don't want to transfer it, you need to delete this entry.
What is the RegProtect Valuable Item Retrieval Service?
You will receive stickers coded with a unique  RegProtect-Number, indicating that this item is registered and directing the finder towards RegProtect to contact the owner. Make sure the sticker is visible on your registered item. Please also enter the serial number when registering your item as the sticker is removable.
What is the RegProtect Key Retrieval Service?
You will receive a tag to protect your keys. The tag is coded with a unique RegProtect-Number, indicating that this tag is registered and directing the finder towards RegProtect to contact the owner - without disclosing your name or address. It is recommended that you do not disclose your home address during the process of recovering your keys (e.g. house) unless you can fully trust your contact.
What is the RegProtect Luggage Retrieval Service?
You will receive a tag to protect your luggage. The tag is coded with a unique RegProtect-Number, indicating that this tag is registered and directing the finder towards RegProtect to contact the owner - without disclosing your name or address.
Do I have to provide proof of ownership to register items?
No, proof of ownership is not necessary. Therefore, registration at RegProtect does not constitute legal proof of ownership either.
What happens with my data?
RegProtect only requests data that is necessary to provide the service, particularly an e-mail address. This data is protected and will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent.
In the communication process the contact details specified by the finder will be transferred to the owner.
I bought a service in the RegProtect-shop and don't want to use the service. Can I cancel the contract?
Please note: Price is including service fee for 1 year.
Service fee for following years is only 7,90 Euro/year.
Service contracts renew automatically if not cancelled 3 months before end of given period.

You may cancel your contractual statement without any reason in text form (e.g. letter, e-mail) or by returning the merchandise within a period of 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the merchandise. The time-limit shall be deemed to be observed by the timely dispatch of the declaration of cancellation or the return shipment.

After receiving your cancellation, your payment shall be reimbursed. If the total value of goods is less than EUR 40, you mustreturn the received goods at your own cost.

In the event of a valid cancellation, any benefits previously obtained are to be restituted by both parties.If you are unable or partially unable to return the merchandise to us or are only able to return it in a deteriorated condition, you may be obliged to compensate for its lost value where applicable. This does not apply if the deterioration is exclusively due to examining the merchandise - for instance in a retail store - or putting the merchandise to its intended use.

Please send any return shipments to
RegProtect, Postbox 520564, 22595 Hamburg, Germany
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