Welcome to RegProtect

RegProtect has been developed to provide a central platform, for the registration of objects and valuables, to the internet community. RegProtect is designed to enable the owner or finder of a registered lost object to contact each other using a secure, anonymous and convenient process. In addition, RegProtect renders the re-sale of lost or stolen objects via internet auctions or other channels more difficult.

RegProtect is based on the content supplied and updated by its users who, together provide the platform with up to date and relevant information. Active user feedback is used to make improvements, adaptations and further developments which translates into helpful services for the community of users.

The registration of objects and valuables by private users is free of charge. Advanced finder services providing additional value and features  can be purchased for an annual fee.

Try RegProtect, to benefit from a little more security in your daily life!

To learn more about RegProtect please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For additional information please visit our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Guidelines and Public Register of Processing Information.

You will find prices for business user (companies and cooperatives) services and registrations  in our valid Price List.

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